Gary F. Wheatley Best Paper Award Winner

[007] The Role of Social Media in Crisis: A European Holistic Approach to the Adoption of Onlibest paperne and Mobile Communications in Crisis Response and Search and Rescue Efforts

Manso, Marco - TEKEVER
Manso, Bárbara - TEKEVER
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Gary F. Wheatley Best Paper Award Nominees

[030] Air Force Command and Control: The Need for Increased Adaptability

Hukill, Jeffrey - Air Force Research Institute
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[021] Achieving Agile C2 by Adopting Higher Levels of C2 Maturity

Huber, Reiner - Universität der Bundeswehr München
Moffat, James - Dstl Portsdown West
Alberts, David - Institute for Defense Analyses
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[068] Composable Environments A systems architecture for agile user-driven command and control

Kruse, John - MITRE
Reily, Todd - MITRE
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[089] Requirements for Data Mining the Decision Space

Drury, Jill - MITRE
Klein, Gary - MITRE
Musman, Scott - MITRE
Yikun Liu - Indiana University Indianapolis
Pfaff, Mark - Indiana University Indianapolis
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[003] N2C2M2 Validation using abELICIT: Design and Analysis of ELICIT runs using software agents

Manso, Marco - SAS-085 Member
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[013] On the ‘Boyd-Kuramoto Model’: Emergence in a Mathematical Model for Adversary C2 Systems

Kalloniatis, Alexander - Defence Establishment Fairbairn
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[041] Towards operational agility using service oriented integration of prototype and legacy systems

Johnsen, Frank - Norwegian Defence Research Establishment
Bloebaum, Trude - Norwegian Defence Research Establishment
Lund, Ketil - Norwegian Defence Research Establishment
Skjervold, Espen - Norwegian Defence Research Establishment
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