Track 5 – Experimentation, Metrics, and Analysis

Chairs: Kendall Wheaton, Carla Hess

[003] N2C2M2 Validation using abELICIT: Design and Analysis of ELICIT runs using software agents

Manso, Marco - SAS-085 Member
paper | presentation

[006] Analyzing Team C2 Behaviour using Games and Agents

Dekker, Anthony - Department of Defence
paper | presentation

[050] On Systems Complexity and Experiment Validity

Roxstrom, Git - Swedish Defence Research Agency
Bjurström, Erik - Mälardalen University
paper | presentation

[062] Mis-Matching Organisational Structures in the NATO Problem and Approach Spaces

Stanton, Neville - University of Southampton
Harvey, Catherine - University of Southampton
Sorensen, Linda - University of Southampton

[071] Autonomous Workflow Reconstruction for Command and Control Experimentation

Allen, Dave - Centre for Operational Research and Analysis
paper | presentation

[079] Improving Judgment Performance by Examining the Relationships between Task Properties and Cognitive Mode

Holcomb, Robert - Institute for Defense Analyses
Adelman, Leonard - George Mason University
paper | presentation

[085] Services to Support Experimentation for Operational Use of Simulations in Coalition Command and Control

Pullen, J. Mark - George Mason University C4I Center
Corner, Douglas - George Mason University C4I Center
Nicklas, Lisa - George Mason University C4I Center
McAndrews, Priscilla - George Mason University C4I Center
paper | presentation

[086] Operationalizing and Improving C2 Agility: Lessons from Experimentation

Alberts, David - Institute for Defense Analyses
Manso, Marco - SAS-085 Member
paper | presentation