Track 2 – Approaches and Organizations

Chairs: Philip Farrell, Keith Stewart

[005] Extending ELICIT to Explore Command and Control in Operations Scenarios

Simpson, Lenard - OPTECH Inc.
Ruddy, Mary - Azigo
paper | presentation

[008] The Fifth Bin – Opportunity to Empower the National Four Bin Analysis Discussion

Bryant, Russell - Integrated Warfare Systems
paper | presentation

[012] C2 Agility: Evaluating a new Brigade Standard Operating Procedure for Information Management and Coordination

Kohn, Elizabeth - Defence Establishment Fairbairn
Kalloniatis, Alexander - Defence Establishment Fairbairn
Ali, Irena - Defence Establishment Fairbairn
paper | presentation

[015] Consequences of the NATO Comprehensive Approach for Command and Control

Meijer, Marten - Centre of Excellence for Command and Control
paper | presentation

[021] Achieving Agile C2 by Adopting Higher Levels of C2 Maturity

Huber, Reiner - Universität der Bundeswehr München
Moffat, James - Dstl Portsdown West
Alberts, David - Institute for Defense Analyses
paper | presentation

[038] Organizational Agility Olympic Event Case Studies

Farrell, Philip - Defence R&D Canada
Jobidon, Marie-Eve - Defence R&D Canada
Banbury, Simon - CAE Professional Services Canada
paper | presentation

[054] A Structured, Yet Agile Approach To Designing C2 Operating Environments

Lusk, Donovan - SPAWAR Systems Center
Skinner, Gerard - M.C. Dean, Inc.
paper | presentation

[064] The POET Approach A collaborative means for enhancing C2 systems engineering

Kruse, John - MITRE
Landsman, Seth - MITRE
Smyton, Peter - MITRE
Dziewulski, Andy - MITRE
Hawley, Heather - MITRE
King, Margaret - MITRE
paper | presentation

[083] Framework for Assessing Coalition C4 Interoperability

Ma, Fred - Defence R&D Canada
Blakeney, Debbie - Defence R&D Canada
paper | presentation