Track 3 – Data, Information, and Knowledge

Chairs: Liz Bowman, Jeff Thomas

[033] Information Extraction using Controlled English to support Knowledge-Sharing and Decision-Making

Ping Xue - Boeing
Poteet, Stephen - Boeing
Kao, Anne - Boeing
Mott, David - IBM
Braines, Dave - IBM
Giammanco, Cheryl - US Army Research Laboratory
Pham, Tien - US Army Research Laboratory
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[034] We Have an App for That: U.S. Military Use of Widgets and Apps to Increase C2 Agility

George, Amanda - Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center
Raney, Chris - Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center
Morris, Mike - Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center
Bowers, Angela - Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center
Galdorisi, George - Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center
Hszieh, Stephanie - Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center
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[053] Surveying NGO–Military relations: Empirical data to both confirm and reject

Law, Jim - SPAWAR Systems Center
McGirr, Scott - SPAWAR Systems Center
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[061] Fast Realization of Automatic Translation Systems for New Mission-Relevant Languages

Hecking, Matthias - Fraunhofer Institute for Communication
Noubours, Sandra - Fraunhofer Institute for Communication
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[068] Composable Environments A systems architecture for agile user-driven command and control

Kruse, John - MITRE
Reily, Todd - MITRE
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[073] Provenance: Information for Shared Understanding

Allen, M. David - MITRE
Chapman, Adriane - MITRE
Blaustein, Barbara - MITRE
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[095] The Role Of Narrative Knowledge In Operational Art: A Paradigm Shift For Information Technology Developers

Leedom, Dennis - Evidence Based Research
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[102] Research to Support Decision-Driven Data Collection

Jakubek, David - Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering
McCreary, Heather - ITT Exelis
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