Track 4 – Collaboration, Shared Awareness, and Decision Making

Chairs: Donna Wood, Lynne Genik

[018] From Technological Triage To Maturing A Collaborative Environment

Salmans III, Henry - Computer Sciences Corporation
Hudson, Geri Ann - Computer Sciences Corporation
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[047] Treatment of Incidents System: a success case in the 5th CISM Military World Games

Maier, Daniel - Exército Brasileiro
Loriato, Leonardo - Exército Brasileiro
Cruz, Guilherme - Exército Brasileiro
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[057] Modeling trust in ELICIT-WEL to capture the impact of organization structure on the agility of complex networks

Chan, Kevin - U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Ruddy, Mary - Azigo
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[065] Co-Design: Course of Action Integration Through Common Conceptual Model Building

Saltysiak, Thomas - George Mason University
Levis, Alexander - George Mason University
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[069] Understanding What is Meant by ‘Individual Agility’

Forrest, Eleanor - SEA
Kelly, Christopher - SEA
Leggatt, Andrew - BAE Systems
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[072] Coping with Complexity in Command and Control

Oosthuizen, R. - Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
Roodt, J.H.S. - StoneToStars Limited
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[078] Cornerstone: Foundational Models and Services for Integrated Battle Planning

Pioch, Nicholas - Systems & Technology Research Inc
Farrell Jr., Robert - Air Force Research Laboratory
Sexton III, William - BAE Systems Technology Solutions
Lebling, David - BAE Systems Technology Solutions
Hunter, Daniel - BAE Systems Technology Solutions
Barlos, Fotis - BAE Systems Technology Solutions
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[082] Semantic and Social Networks Comparison for the Haiti Earthquake Relief

Ying Zhao - Naval Postgraduate School
Gallup, Shelley - Naval Postgraduate School
MacKinnon, Douglas - Naval Postgraduate School
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[089] Requirements for Data Mining the Decision Space

Drury, Jill - MITRE
Klein, Gary - MITRE
Musman, Scott - MITRE
Yikun Liu - Indiana University Indianapolis
Pfaff, Mark - Indiana University Indianapolis
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[098] NATO C2 in Libya: Coherence from Diversity

Hayes, Richard - Evidence Based Research
Kaminski, Stacey - Evidence Based Research
Fountas, Sabrina - Evidence Based Research
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[099] Agile Development of Shared Situational Awareness: Two Case Studies in U.S. Air Force and Army

Adkins, Mark - Accenture
Steinmeyer, Christopher - Accenture
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