Day 1: Welcome
Dr. David S. Alberts, Director of Research, OASD (NII)

Plenary Panel

Understanding Command and Control
Dr. David S. Alberts, Director of Research, OASD (NII)
Dr. Richard E. Hayes, President, Evidence Based Research, Inc.
Dr. Mark Nissen, Associate Professor, Information Science and Management, Naval Postgraduate School
Dr. Jude E. Franklin, Technical Director, Raytheon NCS Command and Control Systems
Mr. Viggo Lemche, Senior Advisor, Danish Defence Research Establishment

  The Agile Organization: Some Thoughts, Some Questions, Some Answers
Dr. Kevin Desouza, Assistant Professor, Information School, University of Washington
  A System Dynamics Treatment of the Essential Tension Between C2 and Self-Synchronization
Complex Systems Analysis Team, Boeing Phantom Works Studies and Analysis:
Mr. Robert L. Wiebe
Mr. Dan Compton
Mr. David R. Garvey
Day 2: Multinational and Interagency Lessons Learned from Experimentation and Current Operations
Ms. Monica R. Shephard, Director, Joint Prototype Pathway, U.S. Joint Forces Command, Joint Experimentation
  Panel Discussion: Policy: (1) (2) (3) (4)
The transformation of DoD will require updated politices and governance processes to manage this evolution successfully. New policies will need to address vertical and horizontal integrations, allow for increasing levels of collaboration, enhance the numerous support roles throughout the organization, and provide agility to the warfighter.
Mr. Donald Diggs, Director, C2 Policy, OASD (NII)/DoD CIO
Mr. Joseph Eash, Center for Technology and National Security Policy, National Defense University
BG Wayne Michael Hall, USA (ret), Lockheed Martin Energy Systems
Dr. Ross A. Pigeau, Chief Scientist, Defence R&D Canada, Toronto
  Enabling Effective Decisions
The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory:
Mr. Thomas H. Buchanan, C2 Program Area Manager, Global Engagement Department
Mr. James L. Hillman, Joint C2 Analysis Group, National Security Analysis Department
Day 3: Keynote Address: Strong Angel III
Dr. Dave Warner (MD, PhD), Medical Neuroscientist/Director, Medical Intelligence, Mindtel
  Best Paper Presentations
Dr. David S. Alberts, Director of Research, OASD (NII)