The 17th ICCRTS will be comprised of tracks on various topics that explore C2 from a number of different perspectives. Authors are asked to think about the theme as they prepare their papers and discuss what C2 Agility means in the context of their research. Each presentation will be given 30 minutes: 20 minutes to present, 5 minutes for questions and discussion, and 5 minutes to allow individuals to move to the next presentation of their choice. The Track Chairs will provide feedback to assist authors in finalizing their papers and presentations.

Topic 1: Concepts, Theory, and Policy

The changing nature of the missions being carried out has created a new reality. This reality demands that existing concepts, theories, and policies be revisited and discarded or adjusted, as necessary and new concepts, theory, and policy be developed.

Topic 2: Approaches and Organizations

This topic examines designing, analyzing, and implementing various approaches to focus and convergence (e.g., C2, management, governance).

Topic 3: Data, Information and Knowledge

This topic will address 1) how to obtain new data, information, and knowledge including detection, collection, and instrumentation, 2) how to move from data to information to knowledge, and 3) ways of enhancing the value of data, information, and knowledge by making it more discoverable, accessible, widely shared, understandable, and otherwise enhancing its utility.

Topic 4: Collaboration, Shared Awareness, and Decision Making

This topic includes the processes in the cognitive and social domains that enable working together effectively and efficiently.

Topic 5: Experimentation, Metrics, and Analysis

This topic includes experiments and analyses related to the application of concepts and approaches to focus and convergence. Experiments and analyses may focus on any aspect of command and control—networking, management or governance, information sharing, trust, shared awareness, shared understanding, decision-making, planning, execution, and assessment of ongoing operations. Civil-Military operations require that metrics and measurements be rethought. Metrics for agility, effects-based operations, networks, and networking are encouraged, as are measures of process, quality, and impact.

Topic 6: Modeling and Simulation

This topic encompasses models and simulations that represent emergent behaviors in C2.

Topic 7: Architectures, Technologies, and Tools

This topic includes discussions of the nature of architectures suitable for emerging concepts of operations and the infostructure necessary to support them.

Topic 8: Networks and Networking

This topic addresses social or socio-technical as well as communications and information networks and networking behaviors. Of particular interest are appropriate models of such networks and networks of networks. Also of interest is interoperability in the context of complex endeavors which require new (inter)organizational and process models that reflect the complexity of collective operations and behaviors, and the development and application of appropriate standards.

Key Dates

March 9, 2012: Draft Papers Due

March 30, 2012: Early Registrations Due

April 13, 2012: Reviewer Comments Sent Out

May 4, 2012: Final Papers Due

June 1, 2012: Hotel Reservations Due

June 8, 2012: Presentations Due

June 8, 2012: Registrations Due

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